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Kindergarten kids learn to write the date every day on their daily worksheets, thus, they must learn the months of the year and what are each month’s specials that they celebrate every year. Since each month is unique in terms of weather, the festive holiday, or a child’s birthday, making every month special and a motivation to memorize the names of the 12 months of the year.

Here is each month’s landscape orientation printable coloring sheets that you can print for your child, let him color, and paint, then you can laminate and display the whole month.

Another way is to make a placemat by laminating it and putting it on the table for playdoh activities or other placemat fun.

For moms who are homeschooling, it is a great activity you can do all year long while teaching them months of the year. Whereas teachers can use it in a classroom setting for each child on the desk activity.

Months of the year Printable sheets

These months of the year printable coloring sheets are great for little hands. Words are chunky so kids have enough room for wide strokes.

Each month has a particular themed coloring image related to festive holidays, specialties, and more.

More ideas can be:

Print them on a hard printing paper.

Color them with crayons or markers, gel pens, or whatnot. Laminate and use as a placemat for each month for table activities.

You can find these landscape orientation months of the year on my Etsy shop.

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