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The Alphabets Letter Hunt is a fun activity that helps students practice recognizing the uppercase and lowercase letters in a fun and encouraging way.

Start with a letter of the week. You can use Alphabets magnets for early literacy. Let’s say that 2 to 3 years old they should be able to recognize letters with the help of books.

You can use fridge magnet letters to be physically able to recognize each letter.

Use the printable letter hunt worksheets for little kids to circle the letter of the week. You can go with upper case and lower case letters side by side. As in teaching your child ‘A’ and ‘a’ simultaneously. That way, you can use letter hunt sheets for uppercase and lowercase letter recognition together.

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These sheets are created in an ink-saving manner. They can be printed on hard paper, laminated, and put in a sheet protector for using it multiple times or in a classroom setting; teachers can use them for preschoolers for their letter of the day activity as they proceed in their everyday teaching schedule.

Letter hunt printable activity for preschoolers

There is nothing like exposing little ones to the alphabet early in fun, simple activities that can be hugely successful through early learning books and getting them to recognize letters visually. These Letter Hunt activity worksheets are great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

Letter hunt worksheets for kids

These ink-saving worksheets are perfect for little kids from 2 years old and go up to kindergarteners.

Recognize Uppercase letters from A to Z
Visually recognize upper case ABCs

Lower case letter hunt worksheets

Teach your child lowercase letters from a to z along with the upper case letters. You can use these sheets for various class activities or homeschooling.

Find a letter activity for lowercase a to z
Teaching preschoolers about letter and keep them engaged in letter hunt activity.

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