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Fun and conceptual what number comes next printable activity worksheets for kids. Perfect end-of-the-school-year math activity for kindergarten and grade 1 kids who know how to count by one or are familiar with skip counting.

Practice activity worksheets for students who understand the concept of sequence.

Parents can enjoy this watermelon-themed free printable for their kids to go over with kids during summer break to prevent any learning loss.

These what-comes-before and after worksheets are great practice for students who like counting and numbers. They also help children learn the counting backwards and forwards.

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What Number comes next Printable worksheets – Two-Digit Numbers

Are you wondering how What Comes Next worksheets can be beneficial to the learning process of your child? Well, these worksheets are very effective in making the children exercise their minds in trying to decipher what comes before or after a particular number in the counting. A good way to boost their memory and intelligence! You can test it out by asking them to orally tell you what come after each number. Or, you can also make your child fill in the missing numbers, then cut the little pieces of watermelons, jumble them together and ask them reorganise. This way, they’ll be busy and also be able to test their memory.

Double digit find the missing number worksheet - What number comes next
3-digit find the missing number worksheet - What number comes next
What number comes next in each row worksheet - 2 digit math worksheet
What number comes next in each row worksheet - 3-digit math worksheet

In this worksheet, students would complete the counting by one in each row. You can also create a different sequence for each row. For instance, have your child skip count by 2, 5, 10, or 20 in each row, depending on how far your child knows to count.

What number comes next in each row worksheet -complete the 2-digit rows  with one count sequence

You can ask students to fill in the missing number in these watermelon-themed free printables. You can use 1 to 200 number stickers for more fun.

What number comes next printable worksheet for kindergarten - 2 digit and 3 digits worksheets

What Alphabet comes next worksheet for kindergarten

Ice cream-themed worksheet for kindergarten