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Ten frames is a great mathematical tool for teaching numbers sense to kids from preschool to higher grades and using numbers in counting, addition, subtraction, frames coloring, etc.

In this post, you can find free blank ten-frame and double ten-frame templates that you can use in multiple ways. Some ten-frame templates are large with wider boxes that you can use in more creative ways with children such as playdoh, stickers, beads, rocks, blocks, and so many other options.

Some templates can be used to add your own number, while some are premade worksheets that are free to download. Some of the worksheets go up to basic counting from 1-10, whereas some worksheets are created with double ten frames to go up to 1-20.

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Ten frames Template and Worksheets

Large free ten frames template

Ten frame free printable template

4 ten frames free template

ten frames template- 4 in one sheet

Double ten-frame template

Double ten frame large free template

Double ten frames templates

Double ten frames template - 6 in one sheet for numbers practice

Heart-themed free double ten frames template

Heart theme double ten frames printable template and worksheet

Flower-themed count and color ten-frame template

Flower theme ten frame printable worksheet and template

Count and color ten frame worksheet

Count and color ten frame flower theme worksheet for kids - free printable sheet

Double Ten frames 1-20 worksheets

Ten frames number worksheet 1 to 20  -free printable

Ten frames number worksheet 1 to 20  -free printable
Ten frames number worksheet 1 to 20  -free printable

Counting and numbers worksheets

Cut copy paste numbers worksheet for kindergarten

Ten frames templates and double ten frames templates free download