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Counting and identifying numbers is essential for children to learn from a young age. Using printable worksheets for kindergarten helps kids learn how to recognize and write numbers and how to count and compare numbers with more and less number of objects.  

Learning the counting to 10 is something all children need to learn sooner or later. This task can be fun and quick to learn with interesting worksheets.

Counting and numbers worksheets for preschool and kindergarten – homeschool or classroom

Count and write the number worksheet

count and write worksheet for kindergarten and preschool.

Write my numbers worksheet

counting and write worksheet

Printable Count and write worksheets.

Counting and Matching the Numbers

Matching worksheets for preschoolers are very helpful for them to learn how to count and identify the numbers. Even if they do not know how to write a number, they can always spot it from the sheet and learn to write it.

They can count and match with the number as well as color the drawn items at the end.

Count, match, and color worksheet

count and match worksheet