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Try these fun printable activities for kindergarten children to easily learn basic skills at home. Easy to print from any device.

Differentiated curriculum in kindergarten is the process of modifying or adapting the curriculum according to different ability levels of little learners in the Kindergarten classroom. Providing meaningful learning resources for all learners who are at different levels may get challenging, which is why we are here to help you.

These simple, easy and fun kindergarten activity worksheets are great to keep kids busy at home while you go on about your own work.

Helping kindergarten students stay in touch with what they have learned in school before summer break is essential. Keep these kindergarten worksheets printed at hand just in case you are looking for some quiet time for yourself.

Moreover, homeschool moms can use these resources for especialy designed for kindergarten to keep their little ones engaged in learning activities. Keep these printouts at hand to make sure your child is using his/her time in productive activities which test their intelligence as well as ensure a fun time spent at home.

Fun Printable Activities for Kindergarten and preschoolers at Home

Printable Math Activity

Printable Pattern Activity Worksheet

Image shows a printable sheet of patterns

Ready-to-print Cutting and Pasting Fun Activity Downloads for Kindergarten

Cut and paste flowers on the flower vase. Decorate with beautiful colors. Use marker, paint, or crayons.

Image shows a vase and flowers for Cut and paste activity for kindergarten


Free printable Number worksheet for kids

Download Printable Coloring pages for kids