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Looking for practice worksheets that help kids recognize and complete patterns?

These worksheets will help kindergarten and preschool kids to understand the basic concept of patterns in shapes, letters, and objects and how to recognize them. You can teach students to discover the core of a pattern, i.e., the repeating part that occurs again and again and help students to extend to form a complete pattern.

The core of a pattern can be in various orders, such as AB, ABC, AABB, ABB, etc. Once the child gets the core of the pattern, it will be easy for them to create their own.

Our pattern worksheets are free to download, easy to use, and very flexible. All you need is a printer and printing paper. Most of these worksheets are cut and paste, making a fun and engaging activity for kindergarten and preschool kids.

Teachers can use these printable practice worksheets as school homework, morning work, or centers because these worksheets are learning about patterns – and this topic is parallel to the class curriculum.

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Kindergarten and Preschool Patterns Practice Worksheets

All these practice worksheets are cut-and-paste activity sheets to make patterns. Cut the shapes and glue them next to the object matching each row’s pattern.

Patterns practice worksheets for kindergarten, preschool aged kids

Fruits pattern worksheet – cut and paste activity

Practice patterns in fruits worksheets for kindergarten and preschool kids.

Complete this pattern worksheet with pair of shapes you think come next in each row.

Shapes pattern worksheet for kids - AB pattern, ABB pattern, AABB pattern, ABC pattern,

Create your own pattern worksheet with different colors

Download this free template to practice creating your own pattern with colors, dot markers, and numbers; the options are endless.

Create your own pattern with colors in each row of shapes. This helps kids understand how to create patterns.

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