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How to set up a portrait activity with kids?

For self-portraits, have your child look in the mirror. While examining their face, describe the different parts of their face, pointing to their eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and so on. Ask your child to draw themselves from what they see in the mirror.

Self-drawn portraits can be displayed as art on the fridge or kept in an arts and crafts area in your house.

As your child’s thinking ability progresses, being able to draw a portrait is one of the milestones of readiness for kindergarten. Not to mention a child’s self-portrait can significantly reveal the development of a child’s fine motor, observation, and ability to focus.

Also, it can give insight into a child’s understanding of self-concept or how he sees others. It is important to see how a child sees others and what helps your child distinguish between people around them.

However, other than self-portraits, you can ask them to make a portrait of a boy or a girl. They must draw eyes, noses, lips, and ears according to their perception.

To set up an age-appropriate activity for your child, you can use these prints for a self-drawn activity or play around with different facial features, with glasses, mustache, beard,s etc.

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Portrait Activity printable for preschool and kindergarten kids

Make a portrait printable activity that is perfect for 2- to 5 years old. Whether you are looking for resources to use in a school setting classroom activity or for homeschool purposes. This activity is great.

Print these portrait faces, cut and laminate all the features separately. Use velcro dots to make sticking and removing easy. This is a great classroom activity for creative workstations.

Let your child draw eyes, nose, or lips as they perceive. And let them be creative.

You can print these facial expressions on sticker paper for multiple uses in a Montessori or preschool.

Also, use thick printable paper for portrait activity.

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