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Printable kindergarten worksheets of counting multiple objects in groups help kids learn to touch, count, recognize and write numbers. Comparing bigger and smaller groups of objects, or as they progress in their counting abilities, they can learn to compare larger numbers.

These ink-saving worksheets are free and easy to download for personal use only and are not for reselling or commercial use.

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Kindergarten numbers and Counting groups worksheets

Basic number counting comes naturally to kids if practiced from the beginning. Preschool and kindergarten kids try their hands at counting objects to strengthen their counting by numbers, counting by 2, counting by 5, and so forth. Practice is the key. These worksheets help kids learn and practice numbers.

Counting groups

Fall-themed apple count printable worksheets. Download these worksheets for free for classroom work, homework, or homeschool use for preschool or kindergarten kids.

apple count fall theme group count worksheet. Choose the correct number and color. Preschool and kindergarten
apple count fall theme group count worksheet. Choose the correct number and color.
Christmas objects count worksheets. choose a correct number and color.

Count and compare numbers

Basic math More or less numbers printable practice worksheets by using the count and compare technique for kindergarten kids. Download this free printable apple and pumpkin-themed worksheet, perfect for fall learning.

Count and compare apples and pumpkins and color the group that has more.

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