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Kindergarteners recognize words by their beginning, middle, and ending sounds. The phonics journey starts by learning the initial sounds words make. When students begin understanding beginning sounds and phonics, these practice worksheets are great for building a solid foundation of word formation.

These worksheets help your kids learn to recognize the sounds letters make at the beginning of words.  

These free, printable, easy-to-download beginning sound worksheets are an excellent way for pre-k, kindergarten, and struggling first-grade students to practice and improve their reading and writing skills. 

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Beginning Sounds and Phonics Practice Worksheets

These free printable beginning sound worksheets are great for practicing and improving letter recognition, beginning sounds, reading comprehension, vocabulary, initial sounds, and writing.

For each worksheet, choose the correct beginning alphabet for each picture. Color or circle the letter that the picture starts with.

phonics practice worksheets for kindergarten
Choose a correct beginning sound for each image

Learning phonics is an essential skill that kids will need later in life. These simple yet thorough worksheets are an excellent tool for young children to help improve their memory of the beginning sounds.

beginning sounds worksheets for kindergarten - free phonics practice printables
beginning sounds worksheets for kindergarten - phonics practice

Print these free worksheets and laminate them for the classroom literacy center. Students can use dry-erase markers to choose the correct alphabet for each picture.

phonics practice or beginning sounds worksheets for kindergarten kids - homeschooling or classroom worksheets.

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