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Printable practice worksheets for telling time on an analog clock or drawing minute and hour hands on a clock face when the time is mentioned.

Children start learning about telling time when they know their numbers. It is easier to tell time by looking at the digital clock. However, it is essential for kids to learn about telling time on a traditional analog clock as well.

In kindergarten or 1st grade, children usually learn to tell time to the whole hour or on a digital clock. But it is important for them to also understand minutes interval.

These telling time worksheets are great and easy for students in each grade from kindergarten to grade 5. Understanding time, drawing time on clocks, writing time in numbers, drawing hours and minutes hands, and also seconds hand on a clock is essential.

Teaching kids about the concept of half hour, quarter past, fifteen minutes, and five minutes are tricky at this age.

You can use these time practice worksheets for testing, quiz homework, morning classwork, or math centers.

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Telling time worksheets for kindergarten and grade 1

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telling time on analog clock - draw hands on each clock.

telling time on analog clock - What time is it worksheet

You can use these worksheets as per the class curriculum requirements. Depending on how well kids understand the time and interpret minutes and intervals.

Telling time on clock - Draw time on clocks using hour and minute hands.
What time is it? telling time worksheet
Tell the time questions worksheets
Draw time on analog clock using clock hands.

What time is it and draw time on a clock printable worksheets for kids