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Sorting, cutting, and gluing activities for preschool and kindergarten kids for workstations during class time.

Cutting keeps kids busy and helps enhance their motor skills.

This ink-saving printable contains many sorting options for kids and the opportunity to color.

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Cutting and sorting printable Activity worksheets for preschool and kindergarten kids

Sorting shapes

Sorting shapes such as circles, rectangles, triangles, and squares with images of real-life objects.

Circle and rectangle sorting activity printable
Triangle and square sorting activity printable

Sorting weather clothes

Learning about the difference between winter and summer clothing with various images. These are ink-saving so your kids can color the images and then cut and glue on each category.

Hot and cold weather clothes sort, and cut activity printable

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Sorting between foods and desserts

Teach kids the difference between desserts and regular food we eat during meal times. They need to understand desserts are sweet and served after food, whereas regular food is what we eat at meal times.

Cutting and sorting food and desserts activity printable

Sorting between healthy and less healthy food

Food categorized as junk food is not considered healthy. They need to understand healthy food to make good choices while eating. You can explain to them why sugary drinks and sugary candies are not considered healthy.

Sorting between healthy and non healthy food items

Sorting fruits and vegetables

Kids get to know the concept of fruits and vegetables. And this will help them know the difference between fruits and vegetables.

Develop understanding of fruits and vegetables with cut and sort activity.

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Cutting numbers of activity printables for preschool

Sorting activity worksheets for kindergarten and preschool kids to enhance cutting skills