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Many people love the Summer season out of all four seasons because it allows us to have more outdoor activities and the possibility to enjoy the sun to its fullest.

We have created summer-themed coloring pages for kids so they get to color summer fun activities and celebrate and welcome this longest season of the year.

There are a lot of different coloring pages containing summer activities, such as, ice cream fun, summer fruits, beach activities, water activities, and outdoor play, etc.

You can color them, paint them, and Introduce them in school, homeschool, or for summer break activities. The choices are endless. They are free to print and use.

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Summer Coloring Pages Free Printable

Summertime is more about bright colors, yellow, orange, red, blue, and green as you can see more greenery, bugs, and people having fun outside celebrating summer to its fullest.

These coloring pages are mainly designed for kids that can be used in the classroom, restaurants, doctors’ offices, libraries, at home during breakfast, or anytime throughout the day.

Summer coloring page - sun, hammock, beach waves, palm trees

summer coloring page for kids , sun surf board, watermelon etc

summer coloring page , palm trees, beach chair, sun shining
summer coloring pages - sun and cruise ship
summer Ice cream fun coloring page

summer time coloring page - hot weather and travel fun
Summer coloring pages - free printable
Summer drinks coloring pages free printable
Summer time coloring page - beach coloring page
Summer coloring page - Pineapple and watermelon
seashore animals coloring page - summer coloring pages
Summer coloring page - trip to beach free coloring sheet

Summer fun coloring pages - free printable for kids to color or paint