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Help your preschool-aged kids learn the concepts of “same” and “different” objects. Spot the same or different objects in a group of objects. Practice worksheets to spot the items that do not belong to the group of objects.

Color or circle the objects in each row.

This is an activity which enhances their ability to identify objects and detect anything odd. It is a good analytical activity for kids to enhance their cognitive skills. This keeps their mind sharp and active. It is best to introduce such activities from an early age.

This post contains printable practice sheets for preschool and kindergarten kids on recognizing the same or different sizes among the group of objects, identifying the same objects, and the objects that do not belong.

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Learning Same or Different Concept Preschool Worksheets

Find the different shape in each row - preschool practice worksheets
Highlight or color the same shapes in each group
Highlight or color the size shapes in each group
find the different objects in each row. preschool worksheets
spot the object that does not belong to the group - preschool worksheets

Spot the difference in a group of objects preschool worksheets