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I Spy printables are great for providing visual sensory exercise to kids by having them count and visually analyze the tiny differences among the objects. They also help strengthen a child’s visual discriminating ability by paying attention to small details and not to mention the touch and count ability.

These I spy count and record objects is a great activity for kids to practice their counting skills, and color the same objects to help them visually scan through them.

How can you use these I spy printable activities?

I spy game printables can be used for classroom activity, morning work, and birthday party games, or you can use them on play dates and set up a prize.

You can also print them in the form of a book or plan ahead for spring break, summer break or winter break. These games are also great for travel purposes whether you are going on a flight, a road trip, or just a visit to a restaurant.

If you have 4 to 6-year-old kids and are on the way to expect another baby, save these fun activities and coloring pages to keep kids busy and engaged for post-baby time.

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I spy Games Printables

Spy and Count Fruits Activity

This I spy fruits activity helps kids learn more about fruits names, and you can understand how much they can recognize and differentiate among fruits.

I spy fruits free printable game for kids

Spy and Count Vegetable Activity

This I spy vegetable activity is great for teaching kids the difference between fruits and vegetables. They can learn more vocabulary and the names of the veggies.

I spy vegetables free printable game for kids

Spy and Count Vehicle Activity

This vehicle I spy activity is a great way to engage boys as they tend to love cars and vehicles more than girls.

I spy vehicles free printable game for kids

Spy and count hearts

Easy and visually relaxing spy and count activities for kids so they won’t feel overwhelmed while playing.

I spy hearts free printable game for kids

I spy games free printable games for kids - preschool and kindergarten